Sunday, January 23, 2011


This is one that had been sitting on my computer for a while (over a year or so). Sometimes i start sketching something then lose the energy for it and it just sits around until i get the fire for it again. This is one of those times. Wasn't looking for anything super detailed. Just kept it quick and loose looking. Both are finished (one with blood and one without). Painted in Photoshop.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

*unfinished* Frazetta's Ghoul Queen

Well, my friends, the Frank Frazetta Art Competition is over. This was going to be my submission for the contest but i wasn't able to finish it in time. That's what a full time job'll get ya! Hey, gotta pay the bills. Was doing this one in Grisaille. Painting in grey tones and coloring over in transparent glazes using Photoshop. Now that the contest is over, i'll be able to take my time with it and push for some hyper realism.....along with the Death Dealer image i was doing which i barely started.....see below. Comments welcome.....

*update* here's the link for the Frazetta competition-
Congratulations to all the winners. Beautiful work!!! Long live Frank Frazetta!!!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

ANT 3 Tutorial

This is my 3rd Photoshop painting of the character 'Ant' which is the main character from Mario Gully's comic book series of the same name. This is strictly fan art and my appreciation for the character. Now for the tute: 
1-It started out as a basic torso and head drawing. Mario had said he was planning on giving up on the character. The idea of this piece was to give Mario inspiration to keep going and not give up. Obstacles become credible when you allow them to be but Mario pushed forward. Through him, Ant lives on.... 

2- Establishing lighting/shadows with a basic rendering of the head and torso. 

3- The torso/head combo seemed like it was missing something so i decided to make this similar to my ANT 2 piece by adding arms and thighs. Hands were saved for later (all my artist friends know how much of a pain hands are-ugh). 

4- Tightening up the transitions from light to dark giving the figure a smooth look...hands still left untouched. 

5- And now, the accursed hand painting. Photo refs weren't cutting it and after about 2 weeks trying to figure out how to get them to look right, i burned out. It gave me time to think and i finally got the idea of looking at my own hands. You can flip images in Photoshop. I just had to keep hands/fists steady. I used my left hand (my right hand was doing the painting) for both of Ant's. Lighting was improvised (figure was from imagination). 

6-Antennae (and eye color-a basic orange/yellow) were painted last. Getting the perfect angle on them to direct your eye from the top of her head, through her breasts to her fists. There were alot more layers involved but this tutorial is being kept basic. ;P 

7-9-Close-ups of the hands....and the antennae.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Female Form Practice

Another female form study taken from a photo reference. Trying to master the female form which was a problem for me at one point. Would have loved to draw the actual model from life because of her fantastic figure. Charcoal & Conte on 9x12 Paper.