Thursday, October 11, 2012

Head study for "Gaze"

This one is a head study for an upcoming piece i'm working on. It will be a full figure piece with a bit of a theme to it. The head study was done in graphite and white pastel. Leads used for the darks were F, HB, B & 2B. The white pastel is Derwent colorsoft which allows for a very smooth blend. Paper used was Canson Pastel Paper (gray toned). The line process took me a few days and the shading probably about 2 days. 

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Poets and Artists

My portrait drawing of artist Sonja Ljubicic is featured in issue 37, August 2012 issue of Poets and Artists Magazine. Info on my process for this particular drawing as well as my bio/info and Sonja's bio/info are included in the article.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Sonja step-by-step

This is a basic step by step for my new piece, "Sonja". Drawn in graphite using Canson 11x14 Sketch Paper. Other tools used: Kneaded eraser, Graphite Pencils (H, F, HB and B), Eraser Pencils.
After laying down my line work, which consists of loose rendering, i refine the lines until they are as close to accurate as possible and erase the stragglers because they distract me. Once most of the stragglers are gone, i begin shading. I don't stick with one method because it becomes boring and stale and keeps me from experimenting and learning. Breaking tradition is a good path to expressing your own individual self. ;) I began by laying in some of the darkest darks (eyes and a bit in the hair). From there i went into light shading and worked into building and turning the form from light to dark.

Using an eraser, i lift out areas around the eyes and side of the face to establish the reflective light. I tried to stick with the original idea of 'Sonja's hood' but scrapped that idea and went for a full head and hair. The second idea was to have a long ponytail which i really loved. But i wanted to keep the light on the back of her neck and had to sacrifice the long hair for a bun, which made more sense. 


Monday, April 9, 2012

Backside 2

Here's a quick sketch i did in the tradition of my original version of 'Backside'. While working on other projects tends to tighten you up, i thought it would be more relaxing to loosen up with a quick sketch based on an old drawing with a slight difference while using a different medium. The paper i used was Canson Pastel paper. The paper has a rough and smooth side. This was drawn on the smooth side using red and white chalk as well as white pastel. Mild finger blending in the buttock area but the rest was drawn loose. The white pastel was more oil based and held stronger after the drawing was sprayed with a fixative (which fades out white chalk). 

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Rodin's 'Adam' - Study

This one is based on Auguste Rodin's 'Adam'. To many, considered one of the greatest sculptor's of all time. I left this one 'unfinished' to a degree where you can see my basic starting point of loosely drawing the figure up to light shading and final shading. It's a small piece, but one of those loosely based drawings that i enjoy having fun without getting too tight and technical. Freeform takes the edge and seriousness of completing a fully rendering drawing with all the artist rules intact. This is one of those that keeps me in artistic shape without committing to anything too serious. I used Canson Sketch paper which is partially smooth and has just enough tooth to soak up the graphite well.                                          

Thursday, January 12, 2012


 I used the same paper i used for my 'INFERNICUS' piece. Canson Sketch pad on acid free paper. The only tool i used for blending were the pencils (Kimberly Graphite Pencils 2H, H, HB, B) i normally use and a little finger blending near the left cheek and chest. The texture of the paper is semi-smooth/rough. Good for smooth blending but eats up your HB's and B's. I prefer a little bit more tooth. Using this pad was an experiment at the time but as i got deeper into the drawing, it became finished work. The Canson pad is great but i don't think the Kimberly Graphite pencils hold up well with it. I'm happy with the drawing and finished just in time for Lindita's birthday. :)