Wednesday, March 30, 2011


A commissioned piece done in Graphite. After getting deep into the drawing it hit me that i should have used my Strathmore 400 rather than using paper from my Canson Sketch Pad. Strathmore gives me a better feel and helps blend better for a more realistic effect. But i'm happy with the result of this one. ;)



A portrait of my friend, Arjeta. It took a little adjusting creating this one on pastel paper. Normally i prefer white Strathmore. but i wanted to try something different this time in doing a portrait. Graphite Pencil with Conte for the highlights. I like Conte because it gives me a little more control on this type of paper. 9x12

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Female Form Study

Another female form study. I want to finish it but then again there's something satisfying with leaving a drawing unfinished. It was drawn using graphite pencil. Hm...maybe i draw a duplicate and finish that there's an idea. ;P