Thursday, August 11, 2016

Charlene-short process

In keeping up with trying to be frequent with my blog posts, here is another short process on my drawing of my friend Charlene. I began with the basic block-in and refining my line until the drawing resembles the model. Once the line work is done, i began shading in with both light and dark tones at the same time. The first photo was taken with my cell phone (left) and the second image (right) was scanned which is why the quality looks different. The drawing was done on Canson Mi-Tienes pastel paper using graphite for the darks and white pastels for the lights.

Monday, July 11, 2016

Jenny-short process

It's been a while since my last blog update. Geez, a year! Looks like i slacked off a bit so time to get back on track. Good? Good. This is a quick rundown of how i put this piece together. I used Canson Mi Tienes Pastel Paper. With paper, for me, it boils down to preference and effect. I like the texture of this brand of pastel paper. It has well balanced tooth on the smooth side of the paper but also has a heavier tooth on the opposite side. I prefer drawing in the pad as opposed to cutting down large single sheets due to the fact that sheets are sold with labels glued to them which leaves a sticky residue when you peal them off.
This was drawn using soft graphite and white pastel pencils. I started off with the line drawing. Shading does'nt start until the line drawing is as close to accurate as i can make it. Both light and dark tones were done at the same time. Traditionally, this is a no-no but...rules were made to be broken in Eddie World. lol. It's easier for me to balance the light and shadow working both tones at the same time. Normally i don't work this way but i used this method for this piece.
Click on the image for detail. The first image was taken with a cell phone and the second image was scanned which is why the resolution seems different. 'Til next time, peepz!