Monday, July 11, 2016

Jenny-short process

It's been a while since my last blog update. Geez, a year! Looks like i slacked off a bit so time to get back on track. Good? Good. This is a quick rundown of how i put this piece together. I used Canson Mi Tienes Pastel Paper. With paper, for me, it boils down to preference and effect. I like the texture of this brand of pastel paper. It has well balanced tooth on the smooth side of the paper but also has a heavier tooth on the opposite side. I prefer drawing in the pad as opposed to cutting down large single sheets due to the fact that sheets are sold with labels glued to them which leaves a sticky residue when you peal them off.
This was drawn using soft graphite and white pastel pencils. I started off with the line drawing. Shading does'nt start until the line drawing is as close to accurate as i can make it. Both light and dark tones were done at the same time. Traditionally, this is a no-no but...rules were made to be broken in Eddie World. lol. It's easier for me to balance the light and shadow working both tones at the same time. Normally i don't work this way but i used this method for this piece.
Click on the image for detail. The first image was taken with a cell phone and the second image was scanned which is why the resolution seems different. 'Til next time, peepz!

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