Sunday, December 12, 2010


Being that this is my first post (and my first tutorial post...heh), i figured i'd start with the Lucia Infernicus painting i did in photoshop. Believe it or not, i really didn't know how to use Photoshop (cs2 at the time) and had just learned about layering. This is my 2nd finished piece done in PS. The character is from Glenn Danzig's Verotik comic books and done as fan art.....but "hey Glenn, if you're watching..."  :)

The tute: 1- i had an idea of what i was going to do before i started. basic sketch of the head, outfit and nipple placement. 2- a bit of sketchy lines in the facial area. 3- the grayish-ness <---is that a word? of the character was added by painting over in black with a low opacity, setting my undertone and you'll also see a head count which i use from time to time and the shadowlines in the breast area. proportion is a biggie in my book! 4- now that i have the basic tone and shape, i start adding light and shade. 5- start toning her outfit and refining the body. 6- smoke and eyeliner added. 7- refining how the light hits off her outfit and smoothing out the breast area. 8- character is basically done. 9- facial scars painted and refined using the smear tool. wanted the to seem like they were seeping into the skin. Nipple coverings (because we don't want them to get cold)...and voila.......Lucia is and wicked as ever. Enjoy.


  1. Nice, I like the final result (the highlights/ texture that you achieved in the cape/face).

  2. Great to see you blogging Eddie! Excellent! Cheers, Alan