Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Based on the character from the Verotik comic series from Glenn Danzig. The different renditions that were done of her by other artists had her wearing alot of 'accessories' and armor. I went with the best rendition which was that of Simon Bisley's which you can see here:
The other renditions are good but so stylized it was hard figuring out what was going on especially with her wings. Simon's version is straight and to the point and realistic (as well as Martin Emond's version here)
The wings were tough to do so i referenced some real bat wings. It started out as a quick sketch on paper i was testing out but i got carried away into making it a finished piece. Not a fan of the paper texture which is a Canson Sketch pad. Too smooth for me. Graphite Pencil on paper. 9x12

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