Sunday, December 18, 2011


My 2nd rendition of Lucia Infernicus from Glenn Danzig's Verotik. I tried to find as many references as possible for her from my own personal collection and from online pics. I realized that she makes an appearance in Satanika Tales (an issue I don't seem to have). A handful of different artists have taken a stab a drawing her and as much as I liked all of them, I stayed with the 3 artists who I think captured her best for what I wanted to do. Those artists are Simon Bisley, Joe Chiodo and Dan Brereton.

I also added, The Inquisitor, who is also a Verotik character. This particular one below was painted by Simon Bisley.
The first few stages of my drawing began with the full figure of Lucia with her hands behind her back. There were other ideas but this is the one that seemed to flow better. Sorry guys, didn't take pics. The pics i did take were of her face in step by step form.....
Here is a very quick sketch of the basic shape of the head, eye, nose and lips. This is where I establish the basic idea (although the full figure had been drawn and finished already) so I wasn't too serious about proportions just yet. Everything is basically light and loose. Also, basic light, shadow and reflective light were added. Keep in mind, this was an old drawing sitting around in my pad for some time, so my approach was somewhat different back then. I added what I know now to the finished work.
Here i started shaping the form of the face a bit more. I softened up the shape of her chin, established the lighting on her nose as well as making it thinner, rounded her eye socket and shaped her cheek bone. Now she looks like a girl. ;)
Thinned her cheek bone a bit so that her proportions were correct. Added the ear (which you see in the finished piece), detailed the lips and added the eyebrows. Here you see where i placed what are supposed to be scars on her face that stretch down from through her brow to under her eye. This was the last part of her face. The Inquisitor was done a little more loosely to not take away from her face which is basically the focal point of the drawing. The lettering was done with Roman lettering in mind based on the Trajan system that they used for coins. I wanted the lettering to look like it was carved and a bit sloppy so i did it by hand without using a ruler. 

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