Sunday, February 2, 2014

Witch Hunter Characters Part 1

This is progression/step by step process of a couple pieces i painted for the comic book series "Witch Hunter" by Monarch Comics, as well as a sketch of The Woman in Black and some prelims.
Here is an early quick sketch of Witch Hunter painted in photoshop.
Some gray tones added. 
I decided to expand the image and turn it more into an action pose instead of a head portrait. Using the crop tool. i increased the size and sketched in the torso and arm.
Still not satisfied with the piece, i felt that more of a story could be told by adding The Woman in Black's face to the background. Being one of Witch Hunter's nemesis', it made sense to add her. Here is where things changed. Although i was happy with the idea of The Woman in Black, her head pose seemed to be distracting my eyes away from the main character, so i decided to scrap that idea and paint in a new face (explained in part 2). 
I didn't want to fully scrap The Woman in Black so i decided to give her a standalone image. I used a soft round brush for the overall image and a textured brush for her clothing.
A little darkening to keep the focus on her face. A few touch-ups and some texture added. And she is finished.
The Woman in Black sketch
painted in photoshop
My sketch for the upcoming Monarch Comics Chronicles horror magazine on Halloween.
You can see more of The Woman in Black at the www.monarchcomics.comwebsite and on their facebook page:


  1. Your skills as a painter are on time as always! Good job dawg!

  2. I never checked this out dude. NICE JOB!