Tuesday, April 19, 2011

On The Bed

This one was drawn in graphite and conte on 9x12 pastel paper. I like the tone of the paper but i'm not a big fan of the texture, although it helped me get some good transitions on the female form itself. And it's good friends with conte, i have to say. I'm going to try something smoother-maybe cardstock! Yeah, that's it!! I think it's sexy enough to be called erotic. I started with a basic line drawing on both the figure and wrinkles on the bed sheet. Shading of the figure came first, then the shading of the wrinkles. The wrinkles were done with cross-hatching and the figure was a combination of cross-hatching and finger blending. Oil in your finger helps with smooth transitions. Conte was added last for reflective light, the bed and subtle transitions on the form. I'm curious on the feeling people get from this one...

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