Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Took me some time to do this one. It was drawn using Strathmore Sketch paper which, for me, isn't the greatest paper to work with. A little too smooth for my tastes and trying to get good blending is better, in my opinion, on Strathmore Drawing paper. I had drawn this one as a birthday present for my friend's sister and actually sent it to her but i never felt it was fully finished. It was more like a sketch without much rendering and blending. This is the finished version. And yes, i made the birthday deadline! ;P  -ciao!


  1. Thats good work Ed.. Thats some damn good work when u really look at it..

  2. Wow I love how soft and realistic your people are. There is a beautiful and sincere way in which you do your portraits. They are full of soul and life.